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Inviting more speakers/presenters

We select those who are qualified, competent and possess a great personality to present the knowledge they have acquired throughout the years. We believe that how the message is delivered is as important as what is being delivered.

Building our team

Our team consists of videographers, video editors, graphic designers and writers. With your support, we can build and grow the team so we can produce better content with more inputs and a more efficient work culture.

Production cost

Producing high-quality videos require high-end equipment (cameras, microphones, lights, etc.). We also use professional software to produce our content. With multiple camera set-up, more operators are needed in our production crew.

Producing more high-quality content

Producing content of high quality has always been a priority to us. Besides the message, the way it is packaged and delivered to you matters to us also. Our content includes videos, articles and graphic design.

Supporting our creators

Our creators spend and invest their time and effort in creating high-quality content for you to learn, benefit and share. By supporting us, you are also appreciating our work and contribution, to capture knowledge for you.

Launching online courses

Apart from the videos uploaded on our social media platforms for you to watch and learn for free, our team has lined up certain topics and issues which require a comprehensive discourse. Our online courses are ideal if you are amongst those who crave to dig deeper into such topics.